Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Places to sub, people to read.

Like that play on the Bye, Bye, Birdie song?

How's this?
Places to go, people to see (a photography book)

More on the book festival last week.

I got to meet some very interesting people, one of whom was Amy Guth, author of Three Fallen Women and proud bloggess (someone help me with terminology here) of Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again. She and two other panelists spoke on the importance of blogging; each had their cautionary tales as well, relaying slightly bizarre tales. I was thrilled about all of the info, since I literally began this project just two days prior to the festival.

Her experience seems to have indeed enlarged her mouth - not literally, of course - but her literary voice seems to have gained volume for sure. Amy also has a unique look (pink hair and madly cool eyewear)when combined with her publishing history, created an instant fan of me. Via reviews, flipping through the book, and high praises from her publisher, I think the book is going to be wonderful and I can't wait until my next book-buying spree. Ultra high on my list.

The most interesting thing to me was her mention of a small controversy over part of her book - regarding abortion. I recently talked about this with several writers (as one of my stories touches upon the subject too), and most seemed to think it was a dead issue. Apparently not completely.

Anyway, I think she's pretty cool. Go check her out.

Co-panelists were Laurel Snyder (poet and NPR contributor) and Tayari Jones (Leaving Atlanta), both of whom brought unique perspectives as well, especially in regards to the question of totally professional or caution-to-the-wind style blogging; seems the answer is as individual as a writer, or person, can be. Laurel has been blogging since before these were called blogs and Tayari has one of the most beautiful, professional blogs I've ever seen, perhaps because it's built-in to her website.

Now I've gotten off track, and gave you people to read first.

Places to sub - I was not familiar with the publisher of Amy's book, So New Publishing. James Stegall, head honcho of said organization, was a panelist during the day, and I was very impressed. It seems he's quite dedicated to the merging media, embracing the need for works that can be held and read in the tub, as well as savoring the immediacy and energy of digital creativity. I think So New is definitely worth a double take. There is also a quarterly publication, Words! (submission info here).

I'm tired. I need to go finish - or write new - fiction. Then sub it.

I just couldn't resist. Another interpretation of Places to go, people to see (Sixspace gallery).


Tayari said...

Thanks for the kind words! :)

srr said...

You're so welcome - I forgot to mention that you also have a great sense of humor.

srr said...

- and I hope to hear you speak again (next time after I have the chance to read Leaving Atlanta - grapevine says it's great!)

Amy Guth said...

Oh, hello again and thank you! It was great to meet you.

srr said...

Hi Amy...thanks. And thanks again for talking. The biggest thing I think I realized was that it's ok to be fearless in writing; I was somewhat nervous that publishers wouldn't want to tackle "different" subject matter - and you are proof it ain't so!

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