Friday, September 01, 2006

Postpone that and pencil this in.

Gee whiz! I needed the break from work, but the Opium.print #3 launch is postponed until the end of the month. At least I get Monday off...

And along comes another activity - the Decatur Book Festival. Check out the events here:


I'd forgotten about it, then got a reminder: I actually never knew that D&H was preparing the lit activities and us former contributors got e-mails (probably everyone on mailing list, but trying to feel special here) regarding the events. I signed up after finding out that I can't go to NY this week. Well, I could, but have neither the money nor the banked vacation time to do it all.

I think the most fun will be the workshop with John Warner, McSweeney's online editor. We've talked back and forth many times. Of course in the form of "Hey, you like this one?"

"Nope, but thanks for thinking of McSweeney's, and try again!"

He's actually been wonderful in rejection; I hope I learn the key tomorrow.

I never mentioned this, but when I ordered Ellen Meister's audiobook, I also got the 30th year anniversay collection of Schoolhouse Rock for my students. Lord, who can't love learning grammar by song and animation!

Will let you know how tomorrow goes! Last year I got to meet Kris Broughton at a similar event, though much smaller and more intimate (the venue guys, not the meeting). Also got to meet Shannon Ravenel, Nat Sobel, and Brigid Hughes. Very interesting. I really wish it were smaller; then again, I don't know how well this has been promoted either, so maybe it will be.

I'm very excited though. Blessing in disguise, perhaps. I wanted to attend this, but originally, since I was leaving Wednesday, wasn't going to. Now I get it all!


Carol Novack said...

so you won't be here this week, shelly? stupid question. you won't. maybe at the end of the month when girija and i will be reading (the 24th). congrats on your blog!

srr said...

yes! I was gonna post something later...see? more serendipity. I'll get to meet g too!! very cool!

And thanks!

Anonymous said...

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