Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quick note of excitement

I understand one of my stories is out now, translated into Swedish by Aase Berg. I'm looking for a website or blog for her, but this is all I could find at this moment.

Will post more later, but how cool, huh?!


Amy Guth said...

Wow, how cool. How did that come about? (Feel free to email if it is a long and/or sordid tale, har har.) I have keen interest in translations these days.

Kristen Tsetsi said...

That's awesome! It's so exciting that the best I can say is what I said. How cool for someone to like your story so much that they need to translate it for a whole new audience.

srr said...

It was really very awesome. I was actually in NY for the Opium.3 gig at the time, and we kept e-mailing back and forth. "Literal" vs. "symbolic" meanings of certain passages and images were the main thing. I have my copy now; I "know" what it says, but couldn't read it if I were paid.

I have a friend from the Netherlands, and I'm willing to bet he can read it...I can't wait to see him, and see if it is a language he reads and see how he likes it (maybe he could read/translate to me back) ...if you know what I mean?

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