Saturday, February 03, 2007

Focus and shoot

OK, my honey is a photographer and the best advice he's ever given me is to focus and shoot. Get the picture.

If it doesn't work, oh well. And I can't go back and grab that moment.

This is what I'm thinking as I'm trying to iron out my semi-green phase, and remember I took shots that didn't work.

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What are you ranting about?

Recently a couple of writerly-type friends have gotten accepted into mags I would have given my left hoof for two years ago. Now, I think, damn I'm jealous. Then I think, wait....I'm not really void of persistence or willingness to work for what I want, but realize, my focus has simply shifted. Getting into those journals would be nice (even now), but they aren't my holy grail anymore.

Sometimes I joke, and say those mags didn't/don't like my style of writing. This may or may not be true, because I never even got a personal rejection. What's important though, is that as my writing grows, and obviously other well-respected places do enjoy my work, it becomes less important to get that particular publication credit. Now, I'm writing to say what I want to, in the way I enjoy, and if it suits any given publication, then off it goes.

Now, I don't even know what my holy grail is - and not sure it's important. I think it's unrealistic to shoot for the New Yorker, as they deal largely with agented novelists/writers and aren't known for slush pile selection. I know my main focus now is writing a novel that lets my little heart pour and bleed all over the pages, and have that sold. Then maybe the other fringe benefits will fall into place, huh?

There are a couple of magazines I have targeted now, because I like them, and would be proud to be published in them. I think as well, that I'm targeting better than I used to, and these are magazines that currently publish in my style. These are the types I'm planning on putting my focus, my persistence into.

Pent-up energy over supposed failure can't be good for productivity, huh?!


Now, it's time to go put in applications for those conferences! Gak!

I found another that might be of interest:
Algonkian. In particular, I'm considering the Harper's Ferry one.

Anyone have experience/knowledge of this? I know of one person that I've been trying to round-up, but haven't gotten her input yet.



Kristen Tsetsi said...

I'm so glad you wrote this. (I feel like a blog-stalker right now.) But seriously - I reached a similar conclusion, recently. I've been half-heartedly submitting to journals, and when I receive the rejections I think, "Eh!" And short stories, my first true true love, have been less of an interest, lately. I don't WANT to write or submit them, anymore. It's time for something new.

I getchya, is what I'm sayin', and it's interesting to read this at the same time as it's happening to me.

srr said...

I love some blog-stalking. Beats some of the same ole in workshops forums, huh?

And I think my first "true love" was the novel...but when I started running short on time to read, way back when, I began reading stories.

New is good I think.

I'm taking everything today that I think is suitable for publishing, and submitting. Sub day here, postal and all. Then I'm going to get my outline together, and get to work on this brainchild o mine!

I'm glad I'm not alone in my 'identity crisis' or rather, 'reformation'!!