Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mojo rising

Major idea!

Having trouble getting my mojo to rise...pondering workshops and gurus and magic charms.

What if rather than plunging my money into more workshops/whatnots, I arrange a private secluded trip (with internet access, hehe!) to go get my motivation, my momentum going.

Is it not true that I've learned the basics? Why not go apply them?

The reason, in terms of everyday life, is that everyday life consumes a person to the extent that even reading/writing become chore-like. Why do I need a retreat with other people? I tend to be someone who, in order to get things done, needs a proper amount of time to focus and then I'm obsessive. My job is highly energy-draining, and at the end of the day, most of the time I can't even focus enough to cook. This is bad.

This is definitely a question for me to ponder. Has anyone else ever had that thought, or am I a recluse trying to find her excuse?


While I think about this epiphany, I need to get all my good stuff subbed and applications in to the structured things.

Picture from Codeworm at Flickr



Amy Guth said...

I totally agree! Hiding out is the only way I ever get anything accomplished!

srr said...

Hehe! I'm glad you think so.

Now. What sort of boots to wear with camoflage?

Hey, I know you're going to N' awrleans next month. Let us all know how that goes!!

Is there any particular "where" you go?

srr said...

Where you go to hide....I'm so damn non-specific!

And then that revelation would sorta quench the "hiding" thing, huh?

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