Friday, February 23, 2007

Tinkled pink, purple....and ultraviolet....

Someone recently mentioned that subbing was making her blue - the same things we all go through and think: "Why's is taking so long?" (13 hrs, 24 minutes and 42 seconds after the fact)

I think that what takes the fun out of it is the fact we are
a) not sending to the right markets or
b) not sending enough simultaneous submissions/enough pieces out.

Impatiens found on Flickr
Writers are an "impatient" sort, eh?!!


I recently became distracted waiting on one piece for over 10 months. Finally, I took it off my duotrope radar, and already feel better, but I'll say hanging out at the mailbox for that SASE has been exhausting.

I contend it's the waiting that is making us crazy, and we should be out there writing like mad divas. BUT I also think part of the fun is getting loads of work out there; it's so nice to get that occasional 'yes' and with loads of subs out, one little 'no' doesn't mean diddly!

I belonged to a group that used to focus for half the month on subbing, half on writing and I had (I think) thirteen pieces published during that time and at least three or four of the things I wrote during that time were accepted later. I miss that energy and that "in it together" feeling. (*sniff*) The sharing of what works for one magazine or another also helped to focus and target the right markets, i.e. help reduce those pesky rejections because we hadn't sent the right piece. [Upon a rejection, we'd also immediately send the piece out again, AND send the rejector another piece]

Aw well; here's to successful subbing and processing info as we go!


Places to check out...

Does anyone know about this one? Or am I just attracted to it because I used to study fluorescent spectral characteristics of proteins when hit with UV?

Ultraviolet Publishing - seeking short stories for an anthology.

This is such a funny place to go when you're pulling hair out. Get a few chuckles at The Onion

A new (to me) humor mag: The American Drivel Review. Looks pretty fun.


I've also finally finished Ellen Meister's audiobook. It was a great listen. I laughed out loud and cried. Dangerous to driving, but good for the soul :)
Now, I'm missing listening to lit in the car, so I got Alice Hoffman's "The Ice Queen" for my back and forth.



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