Sunday, March 04, 2007

Do re mi...finding a voice.

~~Isn't this photo awesome?

Reading notes: OH MY GOSH!! I bought books again last week, including a new audio (and now I have to get reading; I'm officially banned from hardcopy, but NOT audio...)and...

I've found my new idol!

I got Alice Hoffman's "The Ice Queen," and I'm enthralled. It's also read by Nancy Travis, who's doing a marvelous job. Once, someone commented that my work was slightly Alice Hoffmanesque, and now I understand. And boy do I hope so!!

I've also started Amy Guth's book, "Three Fallen Women," in spite of my reluctance not to finish a book, Kavalier and Klay is very long and more of a cruise-through book than a page-turner. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, her writing is energetic, brutal, honest and heart-stopping....I keep reading and my heart is racing. Great stuff. Will let you know more later.


So that's about it. I'm working on developing my own voice, and I think I'm some sort of hybrid. But I think it very exciting to have finally discovered AH; her style and voice - the magic realism - seem to reflect to a great degree, what I perceive mine to be (or leaning toward, or hoping for...)

Has anyone else had that moment of pseudo-self-recognition?


I've located a couple more conferences, and I really really like they are both small-ish and have some excellent guest speakers and agent in attendance:

Grub Street, a two-day conference in Boston (I've gotten some good verbal input about this one) and

Writers at Work, in Salt Lake City, UT.

I've put applications in for both Sewanee and BreadLoaf too. I really want to go to as many as my pocketbook will allow, hehe!

What a perpetual student I am!


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Amy Guth said...

Shel, you are too kind. Many thanks.