Sunday, March 18, 2007

Procrastinators....get off your duffs, thus says your Queen


I say it's high time to put something into action, and I'm dusting off my tushie. I'm doing something for myself! I tend to be one of those that "can't say no," so whenever someone asks for something, I will. Enough, already!!

In my own defense, last week I had a paying gig, proofreading/editing for a biotech company (protein chemistry, oddly enough - and for those that don't know, it was the subject of my own doctoral research) AND last weekend, I had to travel two states and move things out of my mother's storage as she is moving (and yes, I've known for over a month I needed to). So. My excuses for the day. Now, ready-set----go!

I want to get something completed. I look over my novella, and think it should be a novel; I look at all 40,000 words of the novel-in-progress, and think I want to get going on it. I do so love the story. I'm going to make the monumental decision - which one of the two I'm going to have critiqued - and make plans to go to grubstreet.

Picture from flikr, josh.ev9

Do take a look at the cast:

Charles Baxter is the keynote speaker, along with Steve Almond, Gregory Maguire, Pamela Painter, Sue Miller and many other super authors, agents, editors, 5 workshop sessions plus two "Hour of Power" seminars. It's very inexpensive for such an impressive ensemble, IMHO.

PLUS you can pay an additional fee to participate in the "Manuscript Mart" - in a twenty minute session, an agent or an editor provides feedback on your story or portion of book-length project (20 pages). I am really looking forward to hearing what someone from the "other side" has to say about my work.

What do I need to focus on? What am I not able to see for myself? On the other hand, if I just plain suck, I want to know that too. Then I'll really throw myself into some conferences!!

So that's the deal. I like a little pressure now and then; in fact, I almost think I need it. For some, it paralyzes, but for me it creates an energy funnel that helps me focus. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself ;-) We shall see.

Anybody game to attend?

Here's the link again:The Muse and Marketplace, Boston, May 5-6, 2007.


By the way, I finished "The Ice Queen," and absolutely loved it. I was so absorbed, I must say, there was a twist that totally surprised me at the end, and I always like that unpredictability in a novel, in a good story.


Oh My!! I just realized - perhaps a larger fault than my procrastination - is my obsession with subbing. During the next month, I cannot take any pieces that have been rejected, nit-pick to death, and spend hours looking for the exact match, THE place that wants it. I have twenty-something subs out plus I just got ink from a super DUPER magazine, so I should be able to sit tight for a month, no?




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