Friday, July 27, 2007

Prospects, places to go and limbo...


That's right...look at the date on this. I guess I meant to add something and never got around to it. Well. Let me upload some pics here in a few, and I'm updating this baby!! (Actual date of post: November 19, 2007).


Attended "The Flash" reading, KGB Bar. Met Nathan Tyree, Andrew Lewis Conn and Paul. Got the chance to ask Conn his thoughts on a program I've been considering (that he was in) - screenwriting - uh, huh, you heard me - and he said it was definitely worth it, EVEN if you're not making a career of screenwriting (or don't know which writing best suits you!). I've also been looking at another, IRL, workshop. Anybody have good info on Sackett Street in Brooklyn? Some good faculty (names I've recognized from reading journals I enjoy, so that might be a good sign!!) Please do let me know, whether here or by email, if you have any scoop!!


I hope Tuesday is pretty. It's my only day off, and I want something dreadful to go to Coney Island. For some reason, I'm hearing the Cyclone screaming my name. Then I want to turn around and go on Friday night, because they have Fireworks every Friday this summer. And I like fireworks.

And what could follow-up a Nathan's hot dog better than a belly dancing class. Several girls at work have already begun, and I'm next!!


Fenway Park Reading slated for tomorrow night at the Hairy Monk Pub. Tim Gager is reading, and I Sue Miller slated to visit for the evening, because....

party is all this weekend and I want to see the selections that are being shown on Saturday night. Almost wish I'd gone on the Rooftop Films presentations tonight for the experience, but hey, they have these "underground outside" shorts and feature-length films all the time.

I am in some sort of revision limbo. I've been devoting (more like obsessing over) most of my writing time to tearing apart a year and a half old story. I love it and I want it to sparkle, I say. I've taken it down now to a sentence by sentence examination, then turn around and do it again. Round three is now in progress. Hopefully just a couple of more passes. It seriously feels closer anyway!


I have new work coming out in elimae next month, too!


BE SURE to at least check out Tuesday Shorts, and by all means, submit! Open to subs on Sat-Sun, noon to noon :)



Kristen said...

Whatever. This did NOT post in July!

srr said...

I so KNOW it. These things let you change the dates, but I didn't on purpose, so I could show I actually had something planned, just didn't follow through. (oh crap, that does NOT make me look good, eh?)

I know. The pictorial is coming up. You'll see. I was busy!

PMI-001 said...

These places are often confused as to be historically rich just like the place where a attempted my 640-802 exam prior to making my way into 350-001 and other exams in the series. So if I look forward to visit such places, it should not come as a surprise.