Thursday, November 22, 2007

From July to November: A Pictorial

Yes, getting lazy, or busy - depends on point of view. I am in the screenwriting class and LOVE it!! I'm also starting a reading series at Boxcar Lounge (see earlier posting for complete details). And seeing/doing as much as I can. Went to Cyrano with (meaning featuring) Kevin Kline and Jennifer Garner, several readings and working my fanny off (oh, really, I do wish)....anyhow, New York is fabulous.

So here's a peek of last few months in mini-pictorial:

And I give thanks :)


Kristen said...

You know it's January, right?


srr said...

Are you suggesting I update?

Actually, later this week, I am!!

Literary Monthly said...

Ed Champion wrote about Boxcar in his blog today. Remember, I'm counting on you to keep us updated on all things New York.