Friday, April 18, 2008

And now, the Grand Finale


Spellbound Crowd

Last Monday, April 14.

Richard Grayson already beat me to the punch at Myspace with a nice comprehensive writeup - and I think Robin is as well. So for now, I'll share pics!! The readers and crowd were all fabulous and I love them!


Robin Slick

Nick Antosca

Todd Zuniga

Thanks to all supporters of Tuesday Shorts - whether writers, participants of any sort at the series and definitely our online readers and submitters.



Nick said...

thanks, i like these pictures. i downloaded mine.

Richard said...

Thanks so much for the reading series. I work on Tuesday evenings, or otherwise I'd have been to more -- especially if they were as good as Monday's. You did a great job.

RobinSlick said...

Ha ha, Nick, I don't blame you for downloading it - I downloaded it, too. Oh just kidding, I downloaded them all but I turned mine into a photoshopped pop art painting because I cannot bear the truth.

Richard, you did such a nice job of writing up the event I think I'll just link you.

And Shelly, thanks again! Wish I would have attended all of these...

srr said...

Nick and Robin - I have some more pics too and I promise I'll send them all to the readers, but this is a long long weekend for me. As soon as I can!! (Is Todd still....going? hehe)

Richard DID do such a great job on the writeup - and I'm thrilled to hear everyone enjoyed it! Thanks for the nice words, Richard :)

Kristen said...

Great pictures! Finally, I get to see what one of these things looks like.

bevjackson said...

Hiya Shell,

Who knew Todd was so YOUNG? I love, love, love photos.


srr said...

smooch back.

Pics are grrrrreat!!!

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